Your companion in growing food.

Greenie is the smart, connected greenhouse that will help you grow fresh vegetables on your own, healthier and easier than ever before!


Fresh, healthy vegetables

Grow your food no matter where you live!


Learn how to grow veggies.

As Greenie customer you will receive instructions on how to treat vegetables in your greenhouse, so you'll get better at it with every season!


Organic & fresh just like you like it

As you're the one who takes care of your crops, you'll not use chemicals and pesticides. Fresh and healthy vegetables within your reach.

Access anytime, anywhere.

Get up-to-date information about your crops using our website or mobile app. It will show you the temperature, soil moisture, and pH.

Eco friendly

We will teach you how to make your small cultivation more efficient and easier to maintain - without using chemicals dangerous to your health.


Powered by solar energy, it won't increase your electricity bills. Greenie uses rainwater to water your crops, so you don't need to worry about pipes!

Zero emissions

Rotten remainings will be used to fertilize your soil in the future. By the way - crops are absorbing CO2 from the atmosphere and produce oxygen, so it's a double win.


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It's MVP stage

We measure interest - if it is high enough we will produce the first batch of prototypes!

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